Winners 2023


Best Feature Documentary

Langford Tales

Directed by: Theo Maximilian Goble

A feature-length film documenting the history of a small English village in rural Bedfordshire.
​Capturing the stories of local people and bringing back to life
​the contrasting Second World War tales of those who went off to fight and those they left behind.

Best Documentary Short


Directed by: Hannes Van de Mosselaer, Aron Le Bastard

“If people think that for some people being locked up in prison is similar to staying in a hotel, shouldn't we try to improve the world outside of prison?”
Agnes Steenssens approaches prisoners in Belgium and the United States, she highlights what is left behind the committed offenses in the context of restorative justice.

Best National Short Film

Betty's burning

Directed by: Camille Vigny

To end a toxic and violent relationship, Betty set herself on fire. During the weeks following the tragedy, in the hospital burn unit, oscillating between fantasy and reality, she will rebuild her body and heal the terror that her companion had created in her.

Best Interntional Short Film

Yellow star

Directed by: Skobun Skobun

1941. A small Ukrainian town occupied by German troops, where the Nazis organized the Ghetto. Nearby lives the family of janitor Peter, who works in the Ghetto and has unlimited access.

Peter's son, Mykolka, constantly takes food out of the house, which the family lacks so much. The father beats the son, but it does not affect the boy's actions: he humbly accepts the frequent punishments and is silent about his motivation.

A Jewish family Liberblum, who are living in the Ghetto, learns about a Nazi-planned operation to send children from the Ghetto to a concentration camp. Parents are trying to save their son Jacob and daughter Raia from this. However, no one can help them.

Best Animation Short


Directed by: ZALESKY'S Slawek Zalewski

Authoritarian authorities declare a state of siege. A visually impaired old man is appointed commander of the defense. The city becomes a closed fortress. One doctrine applies - there is an enemy all around! The manipulated citizens trust the propaganda, unreservedly and eagerly prepare for defense. As part of mobilization, the regime introduces morning gymnastics. To confuse the enemy, street names are changed. Volunteers appear, ready to die for the cause. The protagonist, torn internally between patriotism and rationalism, wants to escape. The authorities, to emphasize the threat, decide to fire a cannon at the enemy. The city disappears, but everything is under control. The fortress becomes history, and the demons of war never sleep....

Best Feature Film Worldwide

Notes From The New World

Directed by: Vitaly Sumin

Los Angeles, USA… In the process of preparing for the leading role in a play based on Dostoevsky’s Notes from the Underground, a young actor is drawn into a world of intrigue, romance, and murder.

After receiving an M.S. degree in Oceanography, Vitaly Sumin produced ocean-related documentaries (Jacques Cousteau style) which eventually led him to abandon his scientific career to get a B.A. degree in film directing. He subsequently worked as a co-writer and producer on numerous productions.

Best Music Video Clip

Hannyta - Wildflower

Directed by: Jerry Housen

Music video from 17 year old singer-songwriter. "Wildflower is a very positive and patriotic vibe, a lovely electric folk-pop love song with many artistic angles. I wrote the song after I have watched a film about the Navajo Code Talkers titled Windtalkers with Nicolas Cage, a 2002 movie and it really touched my heart. The Navajo language was an unbreakable code used by the US Navy during WWII. Despite the historical injustice that happened to the Native American Indians centuries ago the Navajos volunteered to fight for their country during the war. In the song a Navajo girl who now lives a modern life falls in love with a navy sailor and shows how proud she is for her cultural background and family. It is about the true love between these young guys and also in the modern world there is no place for a divide between people of any background." - Hannyta